Le Clos de Chanchore is a private garden in Normandy, in the Department of Eure, just next to the Pays d’Auge, entirely thought out, planted and maintained since 1988 by its owners, Laurent and Marie-Catherine Lemoine.


It is open to visitors since 2012.


It is listed in the 2019 Guide of Parks and Gardens in Normandy,  n° 34.


Landscaped on 9000 m2, it presents two rose-gardens, one with old roses and the other with  modern roses; also collections of camellias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, hostas and other herbaceous perennials.


Moreover, one arboretum of about 7 000 m2 is planted with a number of interesting trees.


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          Le Clos de Chanchore

          28, l'église

          27260 Fresne-Cauverville

          +33 (0) 6 11 70 62 72




A "authentic" garden nice in all seasons

Rose tree banksiae 'Lutea' ad the end of april
Rose tree banksiae 'Lutea' ad the end of april
View on  the house
View on the house

Hydrangeas and daylilies
Hydrangeas and daylilies