A number of heucheras brighten the edges of the borders of the garden in Le Clos de Chanchore.


Their foliage, with its various shapes and luminous colours, sets off the other plants.


Among all the varieties which have been planted at Le Clos de Chanchore, most of them have evergreen foliage, which is very attractive in the middle of winter.


They also form very structural elements in pots.

Heuchère "Dark Secret"
Heuchère "Dark Secret" frozen
Heuchère Dark Select
Heuchère "Dark Select"
Heuchère Beaujolais
Heuchère "Beaujolais"

Heuchère Chantilly
Heuchère "Chantilly"
Heuchère Brownie
Heuchère "Brownie"

Heuchère "Géante de Bellevue
Heuchère "Géante de Bellevue"