When Laurent and Marie-Catherine bought this property in 1988, the ground was planted with apple trees, especially cider apple trees, and the neighbor's cows grazed peacefully on the grass.



July 1988
July 1988


 Following a major clearing, planting was started in 1990: one cedrus atlantica glauca in the future "arboretum" and one liriodendron.


The borders are successively created, then extended, always with the aim of maintaining a view on the whole garden while working on the perspectives.

So that the garden is attractive in all seasons, a number of evergreen shrubs (hollies, rhododendrons, camellias, yews, box trees) were planted.


The foliages of deciduous trees and shrubs complement each other in different greens, purples, yellows.


Planting has been accelerated since 2001, when Marie-Catherine came to live full time in Le Clos de Chanchore.